19th century art rentals. 20th century art rentals. We can help. Looking for authentic art to rent for your special event or film prop? Below is a list of available artwork for rent. Our rates are 0.72% of Gallery Value charged daily [equivalent to 5.0% per week]. Contact us through email or phone to discuss opportunities to rent 19th century art.

Artist: Geroge Turner II (1841-1910)
  Title: Snowdon from Pont-y-Garth (Northern Whales)
  Size: 19 Inches x 26 Inches
  Gallery Value: $2,800

Artist: Labeled on Back
  Circa: 1836
  Title: Children in Schoolyard
  Size: 20 Inches x 17.5 Inches
  Gallery Value: $1,950

Artist: Jean-Baptiste-Charles Carbonneau (B. 1815)
  Title: On The Marne [France]
  Size: 14 Inches x 19.5 Inches
  Gallery Value: $900

Artist: A. Clement (1842 – 1913)
  Title: San Francisco Bay
  Circa: 1908 [this is where the bridge now is]
  Size: 24 Inches x 46 Inches
  Gallery Value: $2,400

Artist: Ferdinand Maesch (1865-1925)
  Title: Wagon in Winter
  Circa: 1870-1895
  Size: 32 Inches x 40 Inches
  Gallery Value: $1,800

Artist: Theodore Hines (Active 1876-1889)
  Title: Landscape Scene
  Size: 14 Inches x 17 Inches
  Gallery Value: $1,400